Editorial Magazine 2013/1


In about 40 days the Aluminium Two Thousand 8th World Congress will “open its doors” and will welcome hundreds of industry operators from 40 countries of the world.
Even if we have started to replace “personal” interaction with “multimedia” interaction, the economic crisis of the most industrialized parts of the world has shown that “internet”, “chatting”, “e-commerce” and “mobile” phone are just instruments, and not the solution for the development of the world economy.
The motto of the Congress, which is, “creativity and innovation: a change for growth”, can become reality only if through “cooperation” and the basis of cooperation is meet-ing and sharing knowledge and experience, creating networks with talented people or including different companies with a few common targets.
The occasion is the Aluminium Two Thousand 8th World Congress: 120 speakers will share their knowledge and answer questions, hundreds of delegates will be there to meet you in B2B meetings, the exhibitors will show their latest technological developments, you can learn more about extrusion, anodizing, coating by participating to the 3 workshops (extrusion, anodizing and coating), you can start considering to export to Africa after learning more about the business opportunities in this emerging continent in the forum “Africa for Aluminium, Aluminium for Africa” or you can meet the Russian operators dur-ing the “Russian Day”. (see the full program www.aluminium2000.com).
Finally, you can make new friends and meet the old ones again by participating to the social programs (concerts, gala dinners, technical tours and sightseeing tours).


Walter Dalla Barba
Aluminium Two Thousand Congress Chairman