At one year from the Congress, the expectation is already very high!

At one year from the Congress, the expectation is already very high!

Tenacity and passion of Aluminium operators are really hard ... Hard like the technologies applied every day in their field. Despite the economic crisis and despite the tiredness of the markets, the operators are, in fact, strongly interested at the 8th International Congress ALUMINIUM TWO THOUSAND, held in Milan from 14 to 18 May 2013.
Exactly at one year from the event, many speakers from all over the world have already assured their presence, in order to present the latest news about Aluminum.

What is Aluminium Two Thousand Congress
Aluminium Two Thousand Congress is an international conference about Aluminum "not-to-be-missed", dedicated to the world of Aluminum at 360 °. Now, in its 8th edition, it has become a very important and irreplaceable meeting point for all the operators working in the Aluminum industry. Importance and success of Aluminium Two Thousand are growing over time. The 2011 edition, held in Bologna, had the participation of over 350 operators from 43 different countries.

What are the issues of the Event?
Metallurgy, Extrusion, Surface Finishing, Corrosion, Foundry, Environmental technologies, as well as other topics of utmost importance for the Aluminium Industry

What are the main topics of the Congress?
• Markets and strategies
• Alloys billets & related equipment
• Rolling Technology
• Extrusion dies
• Extrusion plant & extrusion process
• Extrusion specialties
• Architecture & special uses
• Transport & automotive industry
• Anodizing and hard anodizing
• Coating
• Coil coating
• Automation and Logistics
• Casting & die casting
• Environmental protection
• Recycling
• Measuring, testing & quality techniques
• Advanced research & applications
• Integrated software for aluminum industry

How many relationships will be accepted?
The Technical Team of the organizing Committee will evaluate all the proposals, but it will select only the 100 papers considered most valuable, presenting the most innovative studies and researches, new industrial applications and important case histories.
These reports will be presented by the Speakers (from all over the world) in three parallel sessions which will take place during the three days of the Congress.
The 100 papers presented in three parallel sessions for three full days of lectures will cover in depth all the topics proposed.

The Aluminium specialists are invited to
submit a paper to the Technical Committee, by sending a title and an abstract of 200 words, no later than May 31, 2012, to the addresses: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Official language is English.

Speakers during previous congress Bologna 2011
A whole day for Casting and Die Casting
A particular attention will be given to Casting and Die Casting, in a parallel session, during a full day of study. It will be managed by Diem-Tech, Department of Engineering, University of Bologna, well known for his research regarding Extrusion technologies. Diem Tech will update about the most innovative technologies and applications in the field.

A special “Extrusion Workshop”
Diem Tech, Department of Engineering, University of Bologna, will organize and manage also a specific workshop about Extrusion. It will take place during the 4th day of the Congress

Africa will have a leading role!
During the session "Strategies and Markets", there will be a Special Focus on Africa, the “emerging continent", with the participation of specialists on the matter. The topic will be "Aluminum for Africa and Africa for Aluminum."

First of all, Ecology!
Green Technologies: this is the word you will listen so frequently in the relationships. Because, the Research of new technologies related to aluminum, is currently very devoted to Green technologies for environmental protection .

Technical Tours to plants “of excellence”
During the Congress, operators will have the opportunity to visit Italian plants of special interest.

A great Social Program
Participants to the Congress will have the opportunity to live a very attractive Social Program: the traditional Gala Dinner, touching Concerts, daily Tours and an unforgettable visit to the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.

Exhibition area in Bologna - 2011
Aluminium Two Thousand is organized by Interall srl and is promoted by leading European Associations, Industries and Universities in the Aluminum sector.

For more information:
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Interall: Dr. Walter Dalla Barba (Chairman Aluminium Two Thousand): ++39 059 282390
Secretary: Cecilia De Petri: ++39 059 282390
Via Marinuzzi, 38 - 41125 Modena - Italy - fax ++39 059280462

Aluminium Two Thousand Congress is an event organized by Interall, with the support of Alma Mater University of Bologna, AIFM (Italian Association of Metal Finishing), DIEM-Tech (Engineering Department University of Bologna), Edimet (Publisher of Metals), Italtecno (Advanced Aluminium Technology), FACE (Federation of Aluminium Consumers in Europe), Metef (International Fair of Aluminum), Aital (Italian Association of Surface Treatment of Aluminium), VIAX EXPORT CONSORTIUM (Italtecno, Tecam, Omsg, Movin, Imel, Airprotech, Union)

Extrusion Workshop in Bologna- 2011

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