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The highly specialistic features of this congress explains why experts and managers from more than 30 Countries have participated always numerous at all edition to attend and debate an ever-increasing number of presentations from authoritative speakers on the most relevant branches of aluminium technologies.

Aluminium Two Thousand is 33 years old and the Aluspecialists “consider” it their congress, the next event Aluminium Two Thousand-ICEB World Congress will be held in Bologna - Italy in September 2023, following the great successful participation of the past edition in Treviso 2019 and the previous ones. After 11 editions, it has become a very important and irreplaceable meeting point for all the operators working in the Aluminum industry.

The synergy with the International Conference on Extrusion and Benchmark (ICEB), the biggest event in Europe related to the recent developments on Extrusion Technology and its analysis by FEM simulation, is confirmed.

Highly qualified “Aluspecialists” from companies, universities and associations will come from all over the world to present, to a specialized and international audience, the most innovative technologies and applications in the aluminium field. The aim of the conference is to join together technicians, managers and scientific experts to widespread their knowledge and to form an international community for the discussion of state of the art, as well as future developments, in the field of extrusion, foundry, casting, aluminium in finishing and waste water treatment.

More than 80 speakers will present some real innovations including:

  • for the extrusion industry: latest development in Die Cleaning of extrusion dies with caustic soda recovery;
  • for the anodizing industry: automatic racking and unracking of extrusion profiles;
  • for waste water treatment: zero liquid discharge with affordable investment and affordable operational costs in coating and anodizing plants;
  • for extrusion and anodizing factories together: how to save and recover energy by energy transfer from extrusion to anodizing plant.
  • just to mention a few innovations …..

Other papers are dedicated to “hot” topics of Markets & Strategies - Alloys Billets & Related Equipment - Rolling Technology - Architecture & Special Uses - Transport & Automotive Industry – Anodizing – Coating - ICEB Session & Extrusion - Nano Technology - Automation - Measuring, Testing & Quality Techniques - Advanced Applications & Research – Environmental Protection & Recycling - Casting & Die Casting

Three parallel sessions for three full days will ensure that all subjects will be covered in detail. Papers will be reviewed by the conference scientific committee, in order to select the most innovative studies and researches, the newest industrial applications, and the most interesting case studies.

We invite you to check the titles of the preliminary list of papers on www.aluminium2000.com

In order to ensure a pleasant stay in Bologna, we have organized for you an entertainment every evening, a gala dinner, accompanying persons tours, technical tours and a beautiful final social tour in historical and attractive cities not far from Bologna: one of them is Ravenna, capital of the Roman Empire from 408 to 476 A.D.





Walter Dalla Barba, chairman of the Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress 

And the Organizing Committee

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