Editorial Magazine 2022/2


During these months, energy sources emergency (costs and shortage) is one of the biggest world concerns and real problems.
But another emergency is of high importance and priority: water. Water is life for our bodies, for our planet and for our industries; the technologies for recovering partially or totally the water also used in aluminium finishing industries (anodizing and coating) are  vailable but not yet known or considered by industry managers and national and local authorities, so water is wasted and paid in high cost as incoming source and outgoing waste after conventional effluent treatments.

We remind you the opportunity of Ecomondo international exhibition in Rimini, November 8-11, 2022, where water recycling will be one of the key issues for saving our planet before it is too late.

Furthermore, one of the most waited and important Congress in 2023, Aluminium Two Thousand, 12th Edition, will have one full session about the most modern and efficient waste water treatment technologies, with detailed descriptions of recycling technologies and their payback, besides the ecological reasons to adopt them in our aluminium industries and besides the possibility to adopt
them in many other types of manufacturing companies.



Walter Dalla Barba,
Editor and Chairman of the Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress 2023 and Alusurface 2022

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