Editorial Magazine 2018/3

22nd Extrufinishing Seminar: Turin/Italy

A unique opportunity for the companies who want to be World Leaders!

The 22nd ExtruFinishing Seminar will be held in Turin, Italy, October 25 – 26- 27.

Why do we consider this event a unique opportunity for all companies who have the ambition to grow and remain or become World Leader?

Why a company must be nowadays a leader company in its field?

Why innovation and ecology are the key factors of success in a very competitive market in every sector and in particular in our field of extrusion and finishing?

All the answers to those questions will be explained in details by the qualified speakers of the seminar, who are also willing to share their studies on researches about the most innovative technologies for extrusion and finishing plants.

The main innovation about extrusion will be the new “AlfaSystem”, a complete software package about control of every production parameter (“Alfa” means the beginning of a new “Era” in control software for extrusion and finishing).

The main innovation about finishing is a revolutionary process for wastewater treatment with zero liquid discharge without evaporators: this process will solve the problem of water consumption in finishing plants without any liquid discharge and with drastic reduction of operational costs.

All other subjects are described in the “box below”.*

Interall is the organizer of the event sponsored by Italtecno and partners.

I look forward to seeing you at the seminar.



Truly yours,
Walter Dalla Barba,
Editor and Chairman of the 11th Aluminium Two Thousand Congress, Treviso 2019


- Advantages of acid chemical etching: how the most advanced plants have reduced costs reducing aluminium dissolution and sludge formation
- New anodizing process: how to anodize fast and with better quality (conventional anodizing)
- HardFast process applied as hard anodizing to special alloys usually difficult to anodize like 2024 alloy and others. Advantages of speed quality for hard anodizing with HardFast process
- 3 new processes for aluminium decoration: DecorCoat, DecorMatt, AluDecor
- DecorCoat: special effects on anodized and coated aluminium sheets: a new bright future for new applications of anodized and coated aluminium
- New Innovative aluminium sealing processes
- ECoat: innovative electrophoretic lacquer for mainly present and future new applications and new finishes
- Waste Water Treatment plants with zero liquid discharge without evaporators: save water and save the environment

- DryPlus technology: how to reduce to 50% the sludge after filter press in the wastewater treatment plant
- How to prevent defects and reject with a new software TPP (Trouble Prevention Program)
- Intelligent sulphuric acid recovery system: input the chemical analysis of anodizing bath and get automatically the standardization of aluminium concentration in the anodizing tanks
- New generation of automation with easy data processing in extrusion and finishing: the “AlfaSystem”
- How to choose the right pretreatment chemicals before coating
- The ecological and safe choice of coloured chrome free passivation
- Automatic and innovative powder coating plant
- Automatic die cleaning of extrusion dies
- CrystalFix: caustic soda recovery after die cleaning: theory and practice. Case histories from large extrusion plants worldwide

* See preliminary program here 



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