Aluminium Books 2018/2

Corrosion of Aluminium - 1st Edition 

By Christian Vargel

Corrosion of Aluminium highlights the practical and general aspects of the corrosion of aluminium alloys with many illustrations and references. In addition to that, the first chapter allows the reader who is not very familiar with aluminium to understand the metallurgical, chemical and physical features of the aluminium alloys.

The author Christian Vargel, has adopted a practitioner approach, based on the expertise and experience gained from a 40 year career in aluminium corrosion This approach is most suitable for assessing the corrosion resistance of aluminium- an assessment which is one of the main conditions for the development of many uses of aluminium in transport, construction, power transmission etc.

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Corrosion of Aluminium - 2nd Edition

By Christian Vargel

Corrosion of Aluminum, Second Edition highlights the practical and general aspects of the corrosion of aluminum alloys. Chapters help readers new to the topic understand the metallurgical, chemical and physical features of aluminum alloys. Author Christian Vargel adopts a practitioner styled approach that is based on the expertise he has gained during a 40-year career in aluminum corrosion. The book assesses the corrosion resistance of aluminum, a key metric recognized as one of the main conditions for the development of many uses of aluminum in transport, construction, power transmission, and more.

The book will be available from February 2019.

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The International Aluminium Cartel: The Business and Politics of a Cooperative Industrial Institution (1886-1978) (Routledge International Studies in Business History) - 1st Edition 2016

by Marco Bertilorenzi

Aluminium was one of most cartelised industries in the international economic panorama of the 20th century. Born following the discovery of electrolytic smelting process in 1886, this industry, even in its infancy, established a cartel that characterised its history until nearly 1980. Managers of the aluminium industry from various historical eras and countries shared the same vision about the development of their industry: to keep prices as stable as possible in order to encourage expansions and to provide return on investments. Price instability, which characterised the trade of other commodities, was unknown to the aluminium industry.

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Cast and Wrought Aluminium Bronzes: Properties, Processes and Structure (Matsci)

By Harry Meigh 

Continuous casting of non-ferrous metals has been practiced for well over 100 years. It has many advantages over static ingot and book mould casting, the most important being improved yield, reduced energy consumption and reduction of manpower, with a consequent reduction in cost. This book shows how the process can be used in an engineering environment for casting a wide range of copper based alloys and precious metals, including gold and silver, and selected nickel alloys.

Ref. 21819

Aluminium Nitride based MEMS Acoustic Sensor: Design Simulation and Fabrication Paperback

by Vipul Vaibhav Mishra

Aluminium Nitride based Sensor details the design, simulation and fabrication of AlN based MEMS acoustic sensor for high sound pressure level measurement that is beneficial to researchers as well as to students seeking to better understand the sensor fabrication and become more efficient and productive in sensor technology. This book details the comparison between different piezoelectric materials properties. It covers the major features of the semiconductor fabrication steps with both practical and theoretical aspects, which should appeal to readers with variety of interests and needs. The author, shares valuable knowledge and experience on acoustic sensor design, simulation and fabrication. 

Ref. 21820

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