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Materials Today: Proceedings
Aluminium Two Thousand Congress and International Conferenzce on Extrusion and Benchmark Iceb 2015

by Lorenzo Donati and Luca Tomesani (DIN University of Bologna, Italy)

This special issue of the journal Materials Today: Proceedings” contains selected peer reviewed papers presented at the 2015 edition of the ‘united’ congress International Conference on Extrusion and Benchmark (ICEB) 5th edition and 9th edition of Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress.
The two congresses were merged together in a single venue for the edition 2015 in order to bring together “aluminium and light alloys” specialists in a single event.
ICEB is a two-in-one event, merging a conference on the latest Advances on Extrusion Technology and Simulation with an industrial worldwide contest:
the “FEM codes Benchmark”.
- Aluminium Two Thousand Congress is an international conference covering all the topics of the aluminium world, and is the reference event for the operators working in the Aluminum industry.
Extrusion (process simulation, applications, innovative processes, dies & tools, material flow and friction, seam and charge welds, profiles metallurgy and the benchmark), surface treatments (anodizing, coatings, waste water treatments ), casting & die casting, forging, welding, sheet processing, market & strategies and recycling.
The benchmark session exploits FEM code capabilities and users’ knowledge in the simulation of two (one Scientific and one Industrial) extrusion case studies as designed and experimentally realized by conference organizers. These proceedings are a source of valuable information useful in the everyday work for scientific and industrial researchers, engineers and students.

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Epoxy Resins

by Michael Dornbusch, Ulrich Christ, Rob Rasing

Thanks to their excellent characteristics, epoxy resins belong to the most established binders within the coatings industry. This new book explains the basic principles of the chemistry of the epoxy group and imparts the use of epoxy and phenoxy resins in industrial coatings, such as anticorrosive coatings, floor coatings, powder coatings and can coatings, with the help of concrete formulations. Essential for any formulator of competitive modern paint systems! 
Basic chemistry of the epoxy group
Epoxides in coating
Trends and outlook

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Global Aluminium Extrusions Market Outlook by Sector to 2030

by Metal Bulletin

This brand new report from MBR is dedicated to the global aluminium extrusions market and provides forecasts out to 2030, enabling you to understand the industry and get insight on trends and future developments.

It has never been more essential than now to understand the ever changing aluminium extrusions market. The first of its kind, "Global Aluminium Extrusions Market Outlook by Sector to 2030" is required reading for all industry professionals with an interest in current and forward business planning relating to the global aluminium extrusions industry.

Brand new and independent, this specialist study includes:

- The use of aluminium extrusions by sector, including ABC, transport, and industrial industries

- Market analysis and price forecasts out to 2030, providing tranparency into how the final selling price is reached

- Major aluminium extrusions producers and their capacity

- Billet availability and production analysis

- Regional and country based analysis

- Global trade and trade barriers

This report will enable to:

- Understand the entire value chain of the industry

- Learn about the usage pattern and demand forecast of aluminium extrusions across geographic markets, downstream products and end-use sectors

- Get insight on pricing trends and future developments for the industry


- The use of aluminium extrusions in ABC applications

- The use of aluminium extrusion in Transport Applications

- The use of aluminium extrusion in Industrial and other Applications

- Aluminium Extrusion Supply and the Major Producers

- Global Trade and Trade Barriers in Aluminium Extrusions

- The Supply of Billet to produce Aluminium Extrusions

- The Outlook for Ingot Prices, regional and billet Premiums and Extrusion Margins

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