Editorial Magazine 2016/3

Event of the year
21st International Seminar about Extrusion and Finishing

3 - 4 November 2016
Modena – Italy


“The event of the year” this is how the “Extrufinishing 21st International Seminar” has already been defined, the meeting which will gather extrusion and surface treatment aluminium specialists and technicians from all over the world.
This is an occasion, which cannot be given up, for those who want to see which are the results of last years of research, innovative technologies and practical applications: in summary it will be possible to hear and discuss about what has been carried out in laboratories and illustrated in recent workshops about the state of the art of anodizing technologies, all in two days “full immersion”.
Alusurface International 2016 is held every 5 years in Italy and every year a “one day” regional seminar is held in different areas of the different continents in order to reach technicians and companies all over the world.
Five years is the minimum time required by researches in order to have innovative results and original technical proposal, so that all participants will have the chance to benefit of precious updates and important innovations.
What has really happened during the last 5 years in aluminium surface finishing?
A lot!
Actual and significant progresses have been recorded in extrusion (more efficient presses and after press equipment, very modern systems for automation and control of each production phase) and remarkable steps forwards have been made in anodizing and painting.
One of the most important innovation in anodizing is the “revolutionary technology” for anodizing in short times, with better energy efficiency; it can be applied to both conventional and hard anodizing with results of better quality of anodic coating even with difficult alloys like 2000 series.
There will be presented also a new (digital) system of “decoration” of anodized aluminium, which can now show special effects with durability for outdoor resistance.
Another outstanding innovation is ecological: a “zero liquid discharge” system without the need of expensive evaporators; there will be in future plants a double savings: savings in incoming water and savings for zero wasted water plus big advantages for the environment.
Similar innovation for the sludge: sludge formation from anodizing and painting companies can be reduced up to 50% due to a simple but effective plant capable of producing out of the filter press a more dry sludge as compared to the standard technology in use worldwide.
Again, in anodizing there will be presentations about the advantage of acid etch compared to alkaline etch also with a big improvement as regards environmental impact.
Of course, powder coating will occupy part of the seminar with the presentation of innovative designs for automatic plants with small, medium and large production in alternative to standard horizontal and vertical plants.
Participants will leave Italy with a precious amount of technological knowledge and new ideas for improving production and sales, new business projects and better hopes for the future!



Truly yours,
Walter Dalla Barba,
Editor and Chairman of the 10th Aluminium Two Thousand Congress, Verona 2017


For more information about Extrusion and Finishing International Seminar, please contact

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