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EUROPEAN ALUMINUM DIRECTORY 2016: The best valued and most detailed Directory available. Access thousands of companies instantly


Designed to be used by those in the industry who need accurate, up-to-date, detailed information on all the key players around the world, buyers, suppliers or customers can easily be found by purchasing the European Aluminum Directory.
The European Aluminium Directory is the perfect guide for Producers, Traders, Suppliers.
The new edition of the European Aluminum Directory will listed more than 1000 companies who specialize in the production or trade of aluminum. Each company has been contacted direct – so the information  is accurate.

Contact and Company Information

This new edition of the European Aluminum Directory lists producers and traders of aluminum worldwide and includes:

- Full contact details for companies and key personnel in the industry, including phone, fax, Email and web address;

- Ownership, subsidiaries, associates and branch office details;

- Up-to-date expansion plans by company;

- Details of activities and materials produced or traded by company;

- A Buyers’ Guide, with the producers and traders listed separately under their respective countries.

Also includes a cross-referenced Index to help you find the right supplier for you quickly and easily;

- An alphabetical index to companies, useful when you need to find updated information on one particular organization;

- A listing of key personnel by business area, helping you to track down that contact who’s moved without telling you, or to access specific departments at companies.

This directory is an essential business. Whether you're a producer, a trader, or a consumer; or if you're involved in plant equipment, shipping or warehousing - this updated directory includes details on all the key contacts in the European aluminum marketplace.

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LIQUID METAL PROCESSING. Applications to Aluminium Alloy Production
by I.G. Brodova, P.S. Popel, G.I. Eskin

The title presents an up-to-date account of the research, development, and applications of metallic alloys, recent research into the structure of charge materials, melt treatment, and casting technologies, and their influence on the properties of melts and ingots. This research has confirmed theoretical concepts about the microheterogenous constitution of metallic melts and has made it possible to manage the quality of castings and ingots of various alloys by their special treatment in the liquid state. The four chapters of the book give theoretical and experimental evidence of the effect of the melt constitution on the structure and properties of the solid metal. Liquid Metal Processing: Applications to Aluminium Alloy Production considers common features of structure formation in aluminium alloys for a wide range of solidification conditions, including ultrasonic and thermal melt treatments and discusses the technological problems of these treatments.


Structural Rearrangements in Metallic Melts. Effect of Heat-Time Treatment. (HTT) of Melts on the Structure and Properties of Aluminium Alloys. Modification as a Means of Controlling the Structure of Liquid and Solid Alloys. Ultrasonic Treatment of Aluminium Melts as an Alternative to HTT.

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by Werner Hesse


Now in its 11th edition, this essential reference work for the aluminium industry is compiled on the basis of European Standards developed by the members of CEN. The Key to Aluminium Alloys provides a comprehensive overview of the most important data for alloys: //Designation //European product standards //Chemical composition. This 11th edition has been completely revised and reflects all changes made over the past 2 years.

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Fusing aluminum in a multi-material lightweight vehicle is presented via studies on joining dissimilar materials, joining methods, and the performance of the joined materials. The use of aluminum offers a material that embodies properties to meet new standards as the automotive industry continues to pursue improvements in fuel efficiency and emissions. Aluminum’s strength, light weight, and corrosion resistance offers manufacturers a material alternative to steel and an additional material, which has long been known in the industry, to be employed in automotive construction. Topics of technical interest include:

  • Forming
  • Galvanic Corrosion
  • Welding, Fastening, Bonding
  • Maximizing Weight Benefits

Production of strong, lightweight structures will contribute significantly to automobile manufacturers meeting mandated fuel economy standards, as well as customer preferences for utility, comfort, and safety. Materials selection and application are critical components to the design of lightweight vehicles. Joining technologies and the relationship of the materials that are joined to meet the design and assembly requirements are presented in this work and also frame the foundation for innovative joining methods for the next generation of lightweight vehicles.

Table of Contents 

  • Integration and Lightweight Design in Automotive Doors 
  • Optimization of High-Volume Warm Forming for  Lightweight Sheet 
  • Simulation of Galvanic Corrosion of Aluminum Materials for Vehicles
  • Structure to Assist in Prevention of Bimetallic Corrosion of Hybrid Doors
  • Evaluation of Constitutive Behavior of Aluminum Extrusions and Their GMAW Welds  
  • Application of an FSW Continuous Welding Technology for Steel and Aluminum to an Automotive Subframe  
  • Characterization of Flow Drill Screwdriving Process Parameters on Joint Quality  
  • New Adhesive Bonding Surface Treatment Technologies for Lightweight
  • Aluminum-Polypropylene Hybrid Joints in Semi-Structural Applications
  • Sandwich Panels with Corrugated Core - A Lightweighting Concept with Improved Stiffness

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Directory of casting products and suppliers published in English and broken down according to subject areas.

Volume 1
Most important features of steelworks, statistical information about German and foreign economy, conference calendar, adresses of organisations and authorities in Germany and abroad.
Volume 2
Index of the 7,000 personal members of the association "Verein Deutscher Eisenhüttenleute (VDEh)".
Volume 3
Product guide of the iron - and steel industry as well as the processing industry and the supplier industry.

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The Pretreatment Manual for Industrial Finishing Applications is designed to be a guide to surface cleaning and conversion coating methods used in effective industrial finishing operations. The information included is a summation of known technology and process issues that affect the cleaning and pretreatment process. The information included will prove useful to the beginner as well as the experienced industrial finisher and can be used for training and reference.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Paint Pretreatment, Cleaning, Phosphating, Advanced Pretreatments, Rinsing, Substrates, Washer Design, Maintenance and Control, Performance, Waste Treatment, Troubleshooting

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