Editorial Magazine 2016/1



There has been great expectations for the announcement of the next 10th World Congress Aluminium Two Thousand, the international convention which will be held in the beautiful, historical city of Verona, in the sunny month of June 2017.

It will be a not-to-be-missed appointment for anyone who operates at a certain level in the aluminium world.
Those who miss out on this opportunity run the risk of remaining behind on the market because they will not be able to take advantage of the technological enrichment that highly experienced speakers will give to participants.
What are the latest innovations in extrusion, surface finishing, waste water treatment, casting, rolling? What and where are the most optimistic trends and prospects for aluminium markets in a global world?
How is it possible to increase productivity and quality while decreasing costs?

These are only a few of the questions that entrepreneurs, managers and investors of the aluminium world ask every day.
It is not always easy to find adequate answers to these questions and take quick action without the advice of technicians.

Worldwide renowned technicians and experts will be in Verona at the Aluminium Two Thousand Congress, at the ICEB Extrusion Forum and at the Metef Exhibition (3 events in one!) in June 2017.
They will be ready to present the latest researches and market trends and they will try to answer all questions of delegates from 50 countries of the world.

From the first papers received, we can anticipate that extrusion specialists will present the new concept of presses, anodizing specialists will introduce innovate ways of decoration by means of digital equipment, lack of water will not be an issue anymore with the new Zero Discharge Plants with reasonable investments and operational costs, this is just to mention a few of the many innovations that 120 speakers will be ready to share.
Searching for solutions to problems is one of a manager’s duties.

However, the first problem is to find the right experts able to provide the right solutions.
The Aluminium Two Thousand Congress once again presents itself as the most reliable “consultant”.
“Booking a ticket for Verona” could be the ideal choice for improving your company’s future and for helping you enter the third millennium full speed ahead.



Walter Dalla Barba                                    Luca Tomesani

10th Aluminium Two Thousand                   6th International ICEB

Congress Chairman                                   Conference Chairman



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