Editorial Magazine 2013/4




Competitiveness and quality are the words that are still more frequently heard from economists, politicians and entrepreneurs in this second decade of the 21st century, still characterized by the crisis of the most industrialized countries and by the fast growing economies of the emerging countries.

The concept of “intelligent” factory combines the potential results of competitiveness and quality since it refers to a production unit which, by means of special equipment , both for production and for control, is capable of self-management, of reducing all costs, of continuously improving the final quality.

Innovation, automation and ecology are nowadays the winning factors for the “factory of the future”: the technologies are available now (we invite our readers to read with attention the extrunews and the finishing news in this issue) therefore the ”factory of the future “ is available at affordable costs. Just an example: until a few months ago the high consumption of water and the problem  of liquid and solid wastes were becoming a growing problem for our aluminium industries, both in industrialized countries (where rules and costs could create big problems to many companies) and in emerging countries where water is an extremely precious resource and the ecological balance is very fragile.

Now a new technology has been developed and it is already available on the market . It allows to obtain very low or even zero liquid discharge at very reasonable and affordable costs, the consequence is that it is possible to recycle water almost completely or even totally.

In practice: costs for water  consumption becomes almost zero and no liquid waste is discharged in the environment.

Once this technology will be used worldwide, think of the benefits for nature (ecological) and for the factories (economical and ethic).

Interall will promote these new technologies for an “intelligent” factory at the many aluminium exhibitions in 2014 (Metef, Verona, Aluexpo Brasil, San Paulo, Aluminium 2014 in Dusseldorf and others, ask for the complete list) in view of the 9th World Congress Aluminium Two Thousand in May 2015, Italy where “innovation, automation, ecology” will be the main themes with the motto (by Ray Smilor):

“If one says that something is impossible, do it all the same”


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