Walter Dalla Barba

What are market trends like?
Will prices go up or down? It is better to invest or to wait and see? Is it possible to reduce production costs? How can we obtain product certification? And what about the problem of processing waste materials? What are the latest technical innovations? How can I make my company competitive and profitable? And…?

These are just a few of the questions you hear most after, when operators from the little big world of “aluminium” gather together.
These are just some of the questions to which experts, speakers and all participants will contribute to give answers at the next 8th World Congress Aluminium Two Thousand to be held in the “heart” of European Aluminium industry, Milano, in May 2013.

  The participation of so many leading companies and experts in all secotors (extrusion, anodizing, casting, die casting, coating, coil, automotive etc.) will bring up extremely interesting debates about innovative technologies and the future of aluminium industry:

Aluminium Two Thousand Congress will not mean only reports about latest research, but also deep studies together with “the specialists” for one full day (workshop about extrusion, workshop about aluminium finishing where one can learn the theory and practice of aluminium processes).

A special forum about Africa (Aluminium for Africa and Africa for Aluminium) will indicate to the marketing people one of the possible way out of the crisis: marketing business with the fast developing, countries may create new and unexpected opportunities for many countries and many companies. We suggest you to read the full programme and register soonest in order to ensure your participation at the best rates:

While we wait for knowing the future of “the aluminium world” at the Congress, we invite you to give a deep look at this issue of our magazine where Mr. Conserva will explain “The aluminium industrial system after the crisis”.
Mr. Scott, from Wagstaff, will describe “The large diameter billet casting new technology”, Mr. Caporale from Trasmetal will illustrate the latest innovations in profile powder coating, and Mr. Lerner from Sanford will teach “Hard coating of the cast aluminium alloys by different anodizing processes”, and also you can find a selection of “Alunews” about innovations.

Your participation to the 8th Aluminium Two Thousand Congress may start today, joining us with your contributes and ideas during the preparation: our Magazine is your Magazine and our Congress is “your” Congress:


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