Editorial Magazine 2021/1


Ecology is now one of the most used words in advanced countries that are careful to environmental issues and to realistic and pessimistic forecasts that concern our planet’s condition today and in the next decades, unless we do something to stop this process. It is necessary to avoid arriving late, and shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted, as the saying goes.
However, the horse is already “bolting”, according to the last reports on air and water pollution and global warming.
Sadly, many people and many entrepreneurs are still acting according to old schemes and do not seem concerned about the dramatic changes that the environment underwent during the last century and is undergoing in this century.
Fortunately, however, there are also extraordinary people and companies that have chosen not to follow those who believe that the future of economy is not linked to an ecological turn point.
This is why it is necessary to be ready when we will pass from talking and suggesting to actual facts, when companies will have to comply with laws and standards, which means that they will have to be equipped with new technologies for water and energy saving and for reducing or completely eliminating pollution.
Those who will not be ready to face these new challenges or those who will produce at costs that are no longer competitive (water will cost more, disposing of pollutants will cost more, etc…) will have to carry out huge investments all at once.
“We cheer for the world’s rebirth” is the new motto that our magazine “Aluminium Extrusion and Finishing” and our editing house “Interall” have adopted as a commitment to be carried on until the ecologic turn point that the world is hoping for.
This is the meaning of the abbreviation “we cheer”:
WATER saving
ENERGY saving
Healing the EARTH
We will shortly organize a brief webinar in order to explain how it is possible to reach these goals in our industries, such as the application of innovative technologies already available on the market that already allow us to save water (zero discharge processes or limited discharge), less energy consumption (with high efficiency or energy recovery machines) and control devices (water saving, energy efficiency, pollutant control and digital data control).
“The future is green” will also be one of the mottos of the 12° World Congress Aluminium Two Thousand, programmed in 2022, organized by our editing house Interall, with the hope that the future will be “bright” for all the industries in the aluminium world.
This pandemic made us think about how fragile our life style is, our habits and our future. However, it has been an occasion to consider how to improve the world to make it a less fragile, better place to live: all governments have thought of how important it is to invest in health and ecology.



Walter Dalla Barba,
Editor and Chairman of the Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress 2022 and Alusurface 2021

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