Editorial Magazine 2020/1


Yes, the revolution in surface anodizing of aluminium can be defined. After years of “nothing new under the sun”, aluminium has a new look and can count on new technologies, for the great happiness of architects, builders, companies and the whole market.
The future conferences on Aluminium (ET 2020, USA), Aluminium (Germany), 23rd International Aluminium Seminar (Italy), Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress (Bologna, Italy) will confirm our idea that an authentic technological revolution is underway and will continue in the next decade.
The revolution will change the way anodizing is performed now and new attractive finishes/special effects will conquer an interesting market share.
As examples, we will mention a few titles of the papers announced in future conferences 

- Special Effects In Anodizing: The New Trend In Europe (Italtecno Srl at Et 2020)
- Anodizing break-through: When art becomes science (Aluminium Two Thousand 2021)
- Fast anodizing of aluminium and new colours for outdoor resistance (Aluminium Two Thousand 2021)
- Nickel free cold sealing (International Alusurface 2020)

Let’s look at the contents in detail. 
Anodizing? Good-bye (it seems) to the old
rules of 1.5 A/dm, 20°C etc: new technologies
allow very fast anodizing (working with more
than 2 Amp/dm2) while producing quality and properties that are superior to those that can be presently achieved with conventional processes.
Colouring? Electrolytic of course. Good-bye to old immersion dies with low resistance to light: today there is a range of new colours, blue, green, gray, purple, gold, and even stainless steel colour.
But the “aluanodic revolution” does not end here.
Anodizing (and coating) can now produce special effects (see picture above as examples) and create a new future for anodized and coated aluminium changing form “uniform colours” to new attractive effects for outdoor or indoor applications.

Interall is glad to announce the next 12th Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress to be held from 23 to 27 March 2021 at the Savoia Hotel Regency, Bologna, Italy and that we are already receiving innovative presentations by famous researchers about these subjects.
An old saying state: “He who hesitates is lost”: this is why the most modern companies are changing equipment and chemistry in order to be prepared to jump into the future (even if we can say, in our fast moving world, that the future is now).




Walter Dalla Barba,
Editor and Chairman of the Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress and Alusurface 2020

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