Aluminium Books 2019/3

The Metallurgy of Anodizing Aluminum - Connecting Science to Practice

By Runge, Jude Mary

In this book, the history of the concepts critical to the discovery and development of aluminum, its alloys and the anodizing process are reviewed to provide a foundation for the challenges, achievements, and understanding of the complex relationship between the aluminum alloy and the reactions that occur during anodic oxidation.  Empirical knowledge that has long sustained industrial anodizing is clarified by viewing the process as corrosion science, addressing each element of the anodizing circuit in terms of the Tafel Equation.  This innovative approach enables a new level of understanding and engineering control for the mechanisms that occur as the oxide nucleates and grows, developing its characteristic highly ordered structure, which impact the practical function of the anodic aluminum oxide.


REF. 19317


Fire Resistance of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys and Measuring the Effects of Fire Exposure on the Properties of Aluminum Alloys
By J. Gilbert Kaufman

This book contains valuable information about the fire resistance of aluminum and aluminum alloys including what occurs when aluminum is in a fire and how the effects of fire damage are evaluated. All aspects of aluminum's fire resistance are described, and reliable methods to estimate the extent of damage resulting from exposure to fire are presented, most notably the relationship between hardness and electrical conductivity with strength. The broad usage of aluminum alloys in major applications such as automotive, oil rigs, naval vessels, and building structures is also reviewed. The information in this book can enable engineers and designers to take account of aluminum's characteristic high resistance to burning while recognizing its relatively low melting point. 

Extensive appendices include tensile properties of representative aluminum alloys at elevated temperatures, physical properties of representative of aluminum and aluminum alloys, representative fire test reports for aluminum alloys, and fire protection of aluminum alloys structural shapes.

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Global Aluminium Industry Outlook 2019

What does the AlCircle’s "Preview of Global Aluminium Industry Outlook 2019" offer to you?

After the successful launch of Aluminium Industry Recap of 2018, AlCircle is now coming up with a comprehensive Aluminium Industry Outlook for 2019. The year 2018 saw the global output of primary aluminium being impacted by various factors including constraints in supply of raw materials and imposition of various trade restrictions and sanctions by the US Government leading to some unexpected movements in prices. In 2019, however, most of these issues surrounding the aluminium industry are expected to be resolved and supply as well as the price is expected to stabilise during the course of the year.

We are starting our outlook with a wrap up of 2018, and analysing how the policy changes and developments of 2018 are building a foundation for 2019. This edition of Aluminium Industry Outlook 2019 looks at how the industry fared in the first two months of 2019 and aims to analyse the way aluminium value chain is poised to grow in 2019 vertical wise. 

In a nutshell, following points are covered by our Global Aluminium Industry Outlook 2019:

1. The bauxite market:

  • A wrap up of 2018
  • Production outlook & demand and supply scenario
  • Price movements and trade overview
  • Upcoming bauxite projects
  • Short and medium term outlook

2. The alumina market:

  • Highlights of 2018
  • Production outlook & demand and supply scenario
  • Price movements and trade overview
  • Upcoming alumina projects
  • Short and medium term outlook

3. The Primary Aluminium Market

  • Market outlook 2019
  • Key factor affecting the primary aluminium market
  • World primary aluminium production trends: 2017 and 2018
  • Demand and supply analysis & inventory situation
  • Trade dynamics
  • Price outlook & Premiums

4. Aluminium usage by Downstream Products

  • Market outlook 2019
  • Key demand drivers of aluminium in 2019 and beyond
  • Developments in the US in 2018 and impact on downstream sector
  • Aluminium FRP outlook
  • Aluminium foil outlook
  • Aluminium extrusions outlook
  • Aluminium wire rods outlook
  • Aluminium castings outlook
  • Trade dynamics

5. Aluminium usage across end user sectors

  • Transportation
  • Building & construction
  • Packaging
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Industrial applications
  • Other applications

6. Recycled aluminium

  • Demand outlook 2019
  • Recycled aluminium usage across regions
  • Recycled aluminium usage by end use
  • Key drivers and trends
  • Production of recycled aluminium
  • Trade Dynamics for aluminium scrap
  • Short and medium term outlook

Ref. 19319


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