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A message to all Aluminium Two Thousand Congress participants and to all our readers

We are proud and glad to open the Aluminium Two Thousand 11th World Congress in Treviso and to welcome all of you, speakers, delegates and exhibitors, coming from so many countries of the world.

Why is aluminium still so attractive for the industry and for researchers at university level?

We have always believed and still believe that aluminium is the metal of the future and that aluminium applications in all sectors will always increase, but everybody has to analyze and discover the many business opportunities.

So it is necessary to take a further step ahead and imagine a future of continuous reconstruction and innovation.

The motto of this congress “the power of innovation: make possible tomorrow what is impossible today” anticipates the content of most of the presentations with their messages on technological innovation in order to suggest how to win the challenges of the beginning of the new millennium: we will face a very competitive industry, a global market, the sudden new requests of the emerging countries.

Sometimes innovation may appear as a traumatic event. The trend to create a “learning organization” is very popular, but it does not solve all problems. In fact, it is also very important to create an “unlearning organization”, an organization that unlearns, in particular old habits and the old ways of operating. Why do children learn much faster than adults? In part because there is less that they have to unlearn!

Here is a simple suggestion: in order to be open to what’s new, our minds must have a different attitude and try to “forget” the old way of working.

Companies must enrich their capital by continuously introducing innovations in their products, in their processes, in their organization. The right answer to this problem is the result of a compromise between the internal resources and the external environment, such as suppliers, technology producers, specialized external workers, customers, associations.

In other words, in order to become and stay innovative, a company must know how to develop and apply a “cooperation culture” that must be complementary to the “competition culture”.

Companies that apply only a competition and conquering policy, usually become destroying forces of entire parts of the economy and society.

The culture of cooperation is mainly visible in strategic alliances among different companies, and it is fundamental for the economic growth of the market of the same field and in order to overcome the problems that are in common (ecology, better living conditions, creation of new jobs).

Suppliers, customers and social entities must collaborate, not occasionally but continuously.

This is what we call global vision in the medium and long period.


A) Creativity and innovation are key factors also for the growth of the aluminium industry, but in a global market, another factor is also extremely important: “cooperation” among producers, customers, suppliers and final users so that 1+1 can really make 3 or even 4. And in order to get this result you need to meet potential partners and experts for modernizing and rendering more efficient the production plants or the commercial organizations.

B) We have a tremendous opportunity here these days together. Even if we have started to replace “personal” interaction with “multimedia” interaction, the economic crisis of the most industrialized parts of the world has shown that “internet”, “chatting”, “e-commerce” and “mobile” phones are just instruments, and not the solution for the development of the world economy.

C) The growth can become reality only through “cooperation” and the basis of cooperation is meeting and sharing knowledge and experience, creating networks with talented people or talented companies with a few clear common targets.

D) This is our best wish for all of us these days in this Congress. Thank you for your presence and your contribute to the success of our aluminium industry in every part of the world.




Walter Dalla Barba,
Editor and Chairman of the 11th Aluminium Two Thousand Congress, Treviso 2019 

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Luca Tomesani
Co-chairman Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress 2019

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