Editorial Magazine 2019/1

The power of innovation: “Making Possible Tomorrow, What Is Impossible Today”

Aluminium: Trends and Prospects

An event not to be missed. Worldwide professionals from all sectors of the aluminum industry will be gathered together in Treviso for the 11th edition of the Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress.

Attending this event, you will be amongst your colleagues from all around the world, listening to presentations on technologies of aluminum surface treatments and extrusion advancements. There will also be opportunities to interact at the expo with global suppliers of the latest technology used in equipment designs. 

The Congress will include technical papers and presentations from many companies including: Hydro, Castool, Neumann Aluminium, Trasmetal, Altair, Pulverit, Turla, etc… in the areas of aluminum surface treatments and aluminum extrusion technologies. Speakers such as Judy Runge, a world known authority on Metallurgy of Anodizing and author of the recently published book, “The Metallurgy of Anodizing Aluminum: Connecting Science to Practice” will be presenting modern discoveries of anodizing along with many more presenters (see the complete program on pages 27-34).

Experts in the fields of surface treatments and extrusion practices will be attending to further their knowledge in their own research and innovation.

Among the topics to be addressed, highlights of new subjects such as equipment innovations in aluminium extrusion and surface pretreatments, applications of plasma processes for anti-corrosion of aluminium  before painting, electrocolours of blue, grey and green, acid etching, die cleaning with sodium hydroxide recycling technologies with the production of marketable by-products, new types of outdoor paints, market trends and technologies in Europe, USA, Asia and Japan, Africa, India, China, South America and the Middle East.

Technical papers from around the world of diverse areas of technology have been submitted and approved for the Congress. Tours have been organized for the special guest only of the Aluminium 2000 attendees for modern anodizing and extrusion plants in the local area.

Unlike other technical events around the world, Aluminium 2000 offers unique opportunities during the conference, to socialize and network together in a more relaxed atmosphere during pre-arranged activities such as: Gala Dinner, musical concerts and final day of sightseeing.

Moreover, there will be sightseeing tours to some of the most renowned places in Northern Italy. For those wishing to stay in Italy a few more days, you are welcome to participate in our Post-Congress Tour to the magical Palladio Venetian Villas.

The motto of the conference: “The Power of Innovation: Making Possible Tomorrow What Is Impossible Today” is the motivation to participate to the 11th Aluminium Two Thousand Congress. For many months now, delegates wishing to participate in the Congress have been registering. We are looking forward to your attendance and participation in order to make this event a success.



Walter Dalla Barba,
Editor and Chairman of the 11th Aluminium Two Thousand Congress, Treviso 2019 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - www.aluminium2000.com


Luca Tomesani
Co-chairman Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress 2019

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