Editorial Magazine 2018/4


Researches have spent rivers of ink on the subject, but they have not written the words “the end” yet.

During the last years, we have carried out interesting and thorough researches on the bibliography and patents referring to the subject and have collected the conclusions of experts on samples of anodized and coated white aluminium obtained by using different technologies.

We are able to say, without being guilty of excessive optimism, that there is no doubt that, some of the strategies that are being adopted to produce white or semi-white anodized aluminium, are working in the right direction and, in some cases, the target is close.

Now the matter is to select the shortest, best quality, most aesthetically satisfactory and most economically advantageous production process, while also keeping a sharp eye on environmental factors. This is the real difficulty: the most attractive samples with the best resistance are also the most expensive to produce at an industrial level, while the cheaper ones offer less exciting results.

We have to look to the medium and long-term market evolution, not just the short-term.

Nowadays, white coated aluminium is the largest “slice” of the market for coated products: the logical conclusion is that white or a whitish effect, including all shades, are the most demanded “colours”. So, why should anodized aluminium with white effect not be equally popular among architects and frame producers?

Moreover, there is a different appearance, resulting from a “white” or “similar to white” anodized finish (a more metallic, transparent colour compared to coated white colour).This difference, due to obvious technical reasons (the pores can be filled, but the sides of the pores of aluminium oxide remain transparent and partially reflect the “aluminium metallic colour” of the basic metal), must to be considered, not as a disadvantage, but as an added value.

Who could really benefit from a “war” between coated and anodized products? Is it not in our interests to introduce a novelty capable of extending the demand for finished aluminium rather than to create unnecessary competition?

At the next 11th World Congress in Treviso (9-13 April 2019), the new finishes in anodizing called “Sea Pearl”, “River Pearl”, “Orient Pearl” will be presented. We have seen them before their “launch” and I have to say, even if different from white blank paper, they are highly innovative and are a good step in the direction of “white” anodizing.

I am glad to say that the congress motto (“what is impossible today, make it possible tomorrow”) is the perfect motto for all the people and all the companies who believe in research and are capable to change the future.



Truly yours,
Walter Dalla Barba,
Editor and Chairman of the 11th Aluminium Two Thousand Congress, Treviso 2019

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