Editorial Magazine 2017/3

Interall reveals date and place of the
11th Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress


If someone asked me if in one, ten or thirty years from now, aluminium technologies (extrusion and surface treatments) will be the same as today, I would answer that in one year probably yes, but in ten years certainly not.

We are therefore at a technological turn, even though any change, also in the industrial world, happens gradually.

However it is also true that everything transforms faster now than in the past: just think that man rode horses for thousands of years and then in only a hundred years he passed from the bicycle to the airplane.

There is nothing to be surprised about, nor should we think that we are witnessing science fiction when we read the papers that will be presented at the 11th Aluminium World Congress in Treviso/Venice in 2019. These are a few of the programmed papers: Integrated extrusion plant with automatic warehouse, Die cleaning and complete caustic soda recovery, all automatic, Production of aluminium objects with 3D printers, Fast anodizing with better quality, Continuous anodizing for aluminium profiles, Aluminium etching with 90% caustic soda consumption and sludge reduction, Innovating colouring and special effects, Aluminium super-sealing for alkali resistance, Waste water treatment plants with zero discharge without the use of evaporators....and may other novelties: the list would be a long one.

The suggestion is therefore to be watchful and ready to evaluate changes before our competitors do and most importantly before it is too late.

Once upon a time, there was a famous company, a giant in its field, which produced billions of camera films, but it did not realize that photography was becoming digital…


Truly yours,
Walter Dalla Barba,
Editor and Chairman of the 11th Aluminium Two Thousand Congress, Treviso 2019


All together to get to know the future at the next World Congress 

“If we consider our and efforts, it will immediately be obvious that all our actions and desires are bound to the existence of other people and that, owing to our very nature, we resemble animals that live in communities.

We eat foods produced by other people, we wear clothes made by somebody else, we live in houses built by others.

Most of what we know and believe in has been taught to us by some other person using a language created by others.

Without this language our reasoning faculties would be very poor and similar to those of the higher animals. Let’s confess the truth, our priority over the animals firstly lies in our way of living in society. The thoughts and sentiments of an individual left alone from birth would remain similar to those of animals to an extent that would be very difficult to imagine.

I think it would be very interesting to know the opinion a man who has dedicated his entire life to perfecting and throwing light on principles, has about his science.”

                                                                                                                                             A. Einstein 

Even Albert Einstein invites you to gather at the next Aluminium Two Thousand Congress in Treviso/Venice in 2019.

You can book as a speaker or you can book as a delegate, but book now and get the advantages of early registration.

 For information on the 11th Aluminium World Congress Aluminium Two Thousand 2019, organized in collaboration with the department of extrusion and foundry of the University of Bologna,

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