Aluminium Books 2016/4

Aluminium Structural Elements Design Hardcover 
by John Bull

Eurocodes have now largely replaced national codes such as British Standards as the structural design standard for public and private works. Eurocode 9 deals with the structural specification of aluminium design, taking into account factors such as fire design, fatigue, sheeting and shell structures.

Aluminium Structural Elements Design: A Practical Guide to Eurocode 9 provides a simplified guide to designing aluminium structural elements. It covers all 5 parts of Eurocode 9: Design of Aluminium Structures using examples to illustrate what each part means.

Written by a member of the BSI sub-committee involved in the development of Eurocode 9 and the UK National Annex, this book is an essential guide for all civil and structural engineers undertaking the switch from British Standards to Eurocodes.

Ref. 41615


Corrosion Resistance of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys
By Michael Schutze, Dietrich Wieser, Roman Bender 

Bringing together the widespread information on the topic, this handbook and ready reference is clearly structured according to the various media that can corrode and damage aluminium and aluminium compounds, while also discussing methods of prevention.

With its coverage of multi-talented compounds and energy-saving materials, this is a must-have for all those working in the relevant industries.

Ref. 41616


Energy and Resource Efficiency in Aluminium Die Casting (Sustainable Production, Life Cycle Engineering and Management) 
by Tim Heinemann 

This monograph provides a field-proven approach to analyze industrial production with a cross-company scope as well as regarding all hierarchical system levels of manufacturing enterprises. The book exemplifies this approach in the context of aluminum die casting, and presents a set of measures which allow a 30 percent energy reduction along the value chain. The target audience primarily comprises researchers and experts in the field but the book may also be beneficial for graduate students.

Ref. 41617


Liquid Ion Exchange of Lead and Aluminium by Crown Ethers: Extraction of Pb(II) and Al(III) Using Super Molecules and Determination in Environmental and Vital Samples Paperback – 15 Aug 2016
by Safa M. Hameed Al-Hassani, Rafi K. Al-Kubaisy, Khalil I. Hussain

Separation and preconcentration via of liquid ion exchange which is one of solvent extraction application was very important as separation method. This book involves the applicability of liquid ion exchange by using of super molecules such as crown ethers such as 12C4, 15C5,18C6, DB18C6, DCH18C6, DB24C8 and cryptands C221, C222 in presence of alkali and alkaline earth metal cation to form liquid ion exchanger used to extract chloroanion complexes of Pb (II) and Al (III). Chloroform used as an organic solvent to dissolve crown ethers and cryptands. Pb (II) extracted from HCl media, whereas Al (III) from neutral media. As well prepared calibration curves for spectrophotometric determination of metal ions under study in environmental and vital samples, the different samples were prepared according to wet digestion method.

Ref. 41618

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