Aluminium Books 2015/4

by Ulrich Poth

The automobile industry and the varnish manufacturers use a considerable expenditure to produce particularly appealing surfaces. The main focus in the painting industry is on the protection against corrosion, weathering, chemical and mechanical influences as well as obtainment of appealing surfaces. Several manufacturers specialize exclusively in automobile lacquers. This book deals with the composition and the production of the most difficult components as well as their physical and application technology characteristics. Application technology characteristics describe the application behaviour, the task of protection and the responding appearance. Ulrich Poth approaches the people who are entrusted with raw materials, systems and application procedures.

Furthermore, Automotive Coatings Formulation is addressed to all chemists, physicists, engineers and other technically interested persons.

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The comprehensive annual guide to the world's bauxite, alumina and aluminium companies, including contact details, senior management, products, mines and plants

Designed to be used by those in the industry who need accurate, up-to-date, detailed information on all the key players around the world, buyers, suppliers or customers can easily be found by purchasing the European Aluminum Directory. By this Guide you can have fast, easy access to the most up-todate and comprehensive industry guide around.

The aluminum recycling segment continues to face challenges of tight margins and industry fragmentation - resulting in companies going out of business, being taken over, or new ones stepping in to fill the gap.

In such a fluid industry, the need for up-to-date aluminum market intelligence is a significant factor for the companies’s future success in this industry.

Each company, old and new, has been contacted individually to ensure the information contained in the new edition is accurate and up-to-date.

The European Aluminium Directory will save time and money if you are:

  • Involved in sourcing aluminium, alumina or bauxite;
  • Sourcing new suppliers as a trader or consumer in the aluminium business;
  • A producer looking for trade outlets to sell to;
  • Involved in the service sector and looking for potential new clients for your goods and services;
  • Monitoring your competitors and the aluminium marketplace.

The new edition of the European Aluminum Directory will listed more than 1000 companies who specialize in the production or trade of aluminum. Each company has been contacted direct – so the information is accurate.

Contact and Company Information

This new edition of the European Aluminum Directory lists producers and traders of aluminum worldwide and includes:

  • Full contact details for companies and key personnel in the industry, including phone, fax, Email and web address;
  • Ownership, subsidiaries, associates and branch office details;
  • Up-to-date expansion plans by company;
  • Details of activities and materials produced or traded by company;
  • A Buyers’ Guide, with the producers and traders listed separately under their respective countries.

Also includes a cross-referenced Index to help you find the right supplier for you quickly and easily;

  • An alphabetical index to companies, useful when you need to find updated information on one particular organization;
  • A listing of key personnel by business area, helping you to track down that contact who’s moved without telling you, or to access specific departments at companies

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by Chris Rauwendaal


This book presents basic information on extrusion technology. Written for operators, supervisors, technical service professionals, as well as newcomers to the industry and students, this book introduces the process, machinery, process control, materials, and trouble shooting tips. The extended second edition covers high-speed extrusion, how to reduce material cost, efficient extrusion, purging and product changeover, how to reduce energy consumption, and new developments in extruder screw design.


Extrusion Machinery. Instrumentation and Control and Extrusion Lines. Complete Extrusion Lines. Plastics and Properties Important in Extrusion. How an Extruder Works. How to Run an Extruder. How to Troubleshoot Extrusion Problems. New Developments.

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by Ulrich Schulz


Accelerated testing serves to determine the coating's ageing behavior. Thus it has become an indispensable tool of quality assurance for monitoring coating development as well as series production over the last 100 years.

This book shows how to identify the weak points of accelerated testing, to avoid errors and thus to boost confidence in the test results. Boasting a compact theoretical section on the key fundamentals of paint ageing, this book imparts the necessary expert knowledge that will enable paint testers to make an informed choice about the methods and instruments to employ in accelerated weathering.


General aspects of accelerated testing, Effects of weathering stress, Outdoor weathering natural form of accelerated testing, Accelerated outdoor weathering by means of light concentration, Artificial weathering accelerated testing in the laboratory, Ageing criteria used in accelerated testing of coatings, Standards for accelerated testing

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ANTICORROSIVE COATINGS. Fundamentals and New Concepts
by Joerg Sander

This book brings together all the disciplines involved in the creation and use of corrosion protection coatings for metals. It presents the latest insights into the quality and chemistry of surfaces, the proper way to prepare them by conversion treatment, the function of resins and anticorrosion pigments in paints, and novel concepts in corrosion protection. As an added bonus, all the standards and directives mentioned in the text are grouped together in their own chapter for a better overview.


Corrosion protection coatings, Surface preparation, Organic coating materials, Film formation, Mechanism of protection and properties of organic coatings, Testing of organic coatings, Chemical conversion treatment, Organic coatings for maintenance, New corrosion protection concepts, Standards and guidelines

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