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Dear readers of Aluminium Extrusion and Finishing,

Dear friends of the aluminium world,

It is my great pleasure to present the 9th Aluminium Two Thousand Congress together with the 5th ICEB (International Conference on Extrusion and Benchmark).

This year the congress is held in a beautiful, historical and artistic location, Florence, in the pleasant season of mid spring and during a special year for Italy, that is hosting the international Expo in Milan, from May to October.

But this is a very special occasion for gathering a good part of the “aluminium world” and to discuss about the latest technologies in extrusion, finishing, casting, aluminium for the automotive industry, waste water treatment, recycling and many other sectors regarding the aluminium industry.

There is a record number of papers (132) divided in 4 parallel sessions in 3 days; during the first morning, in the plenary session, the program includes four top speakers: J. Maier – Wefa Cedar – USA, E. Dinsmore – CRU – UK, J. Hirsch – Hydro – Germany and F. Simonelli – Luiss University – Italy. The subjects of the presentations are of general interest about global markets of extrusion and rolled products. The last presentation is a very detailed study by Luiss University about the impact of EU policies on the competitiveness of the EU aluminium industry: all integrated or not integrated downstream users should be extremely interested, since such policy has a great influence on their business.

I will not mention all the technological inventions and their applications which will drive the extrusion, finishing and casting industries towards a new “era”, with technical and ecological improvements (for example new markets may open with the technology of new digital designs on aluminium plates and extrusions, nickel free cold sealing, zero liquid discharge in waste water treatments without evaporators, innovative applications of aluminium finished and not finished in light weight car design).

We wish all congress participants a very informative and pleasant time in Florence; all our readers and “followers” who cannot join us may ask the congress organization (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for information on the papers.

I thank all the speakers and delegates of the 9th Aluminium Two Thousand and the 5th ICEB Congress for their contribution to the “innovation” of our industry, which is the main factor for a continuous growth with positive technical, economic and environmental impact all over the world.







Walter Dalla Barba

Editor and Chairman of the 
9th Aluminium Two Thousand Congress


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