Editorial Magazine 2014/4



From Leonardo Da Vinci’s notes: “Pushed from  great curiosity and an intense desire,  I walked awhile among dark and incumbent rocks and I reached the entrance of a big cave. I stayed there for some time, aghast and incredulous because I had never known of its existence. All of a sudden I felt the desire to see if inside there was something incredible”.

The genius of Leonard is undiscussed. His great genius depended also on his immense curiosity that turned into “thirst of knowledge and discovery”.

This is why we believe that Leonardo, great Florentine genius, would have entered the great “cave” of Palazzo Affari in Florence to see what is happening inside the Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress that will take place from May 12th to May 16th, 2015.

Those who feel “thirst of knowledge” will abundantly quench their thirst. It is sufficient to take a look at the technical program to find extremely innovative scientific  researches. Some examples are the extrusion papers: by E. Levin, M. Haase “Composit and extrusion of aluminum with discontinuous eccentric reinforcement” or by T. Citrea “Optimization of porthole die for non-symmetric composite profiles”.

For finishing, the big novelty will be cold sealing without nickel presented by an Italian company and by a German company, for foundry: by Squatrito, Todaro, Tomesani, Essel, Zeidler “High composites with carbon insert obtained by casting processes” and many others, for a total of  135 presentations that have been selected among more than 200 works  that we received.

That’s why also Leonardo would have wanted to participate; he had thought about the possibility of flying and he couldn’t know that in the 20th century airplanes, completely made of aluminium, would have become the more frequently used means of transportation worldwide.

And this is why all the Aluminium Two Thousand participants will be able to honor the memory of “the great Italian genius” by visiting his birth and childhood home, in Vinci, among the beautiful Florentine hills.

The Congress organizers welcome you with the certainty that everyone will return home with new ideas for their business and for their researches.

Walter Dalla Barba
Editor and Chairman of the 9th Aluminium Two Thousand Congress

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